We provide specialist advisory, analytics and programme implementation services that help resolve complex environmental sustainability, inclusive economic growth and climate resilience challenges.

Our team of international consultants offers bespoke, situation-specific solutions and professional support, based on their extensive regional and global experience.

Climate Resilience

  • Climate risk assessment
  • Adaptation, resilience & mitigation strategies & plans
  • Science-policy knowledge bridging
  • Project assessment / evaluation

Green Economy

  • Green/circular economy assessments & strategies/plans
  • Trade chain research
  • Training & capacity building
  • Financial mechanisms supporting restoration/rewilding

Environmental Economics

  • Resource economics assessment
  • Ecosystem services valuations
  • Natural resources accounts
  • Economic model development

Environmental Planning

  • Strategic environmental assessment
  • Sustainable urban & rural development planning
  • Coastal, estuary & watershed management plans
  • Conservation planning & environmental mapping

Decision Support

  • Multi-criteria decision analysis
  • Benefit cost analysis
  • Development options analysis
  • Participatory & social learning processes

Ecological Footprinting

Eco-Footprint is an open-box sustainability evaluation tool used to support informed choices towards minimising ecological and carbon footprints from events, business operations, supply chains or development projects.

Ecosystem Services Analytics

Eco-futures is an interactive systems modelling process that maps ecosystem services supplied in a specified area or landscape.

It can be used to support options analysis and design for built and natural capital investments, model natural disaster risk and vulnerability, and support natural resource management planning.

We believe in a
future that works for all

Specialist advisory, analytics and implementation services
for a more sustainable, inclusive and resilient future world.