At the helm of FutureWorks is three individuals with a common passion for developing innovative, context-specific, high impact solutions for environmental sustainability, inclusive economic growth and climate resilience.

FutureWorks Europe is headquartered in Scotland under the leadership of Nicola Mander and Myles Mander.

FutureWorks Africa is headquartered in South Africa under the leadership of Khulile Mavundla Lamula.

Acting as a core, we assemble bespoke teams to undertake work for our clients from our extensive global network of specialists across a wide range of professional disciplines.

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Nicci Diederichs Mander (MSc) linkedin icon

Climate Resilience and Environmental Governance Specialist

Nicci is an experienced international climate change and environmental governance professional.

She has a long and proven track record in leading successful environmental, sustainability and climate change projects in and for the developing world.

As a skilled advocate and organizational leader, she is able to direct operations, steer large technical teams and manage complex processes.

Nicci is a keen writer and has a particular interest in bridging the science-policy communications divide. She has worked extensively on climate change planning in the African region, and has developed several critical thinking tools to assist governments in identifying priorities and defining implementation strategies.

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Khulile (Mavundla) Lamula (B.Paed; Dip. Local Economic Development)linkedin icon

Green Economy & Social Development Specialist

Khulile has a deep personal interest in empowering people to engage in the green economy. She has led several major projects involving the establishment of eco-tourism infrastructure and community-based enterprises.

She has led and managed community reforestation and natural area restoration projects.

Having grown up in Hlabisa, KwaZulu-Natal South Africa, she works extensively with rural crafters, helping them access local and international markets, and develop the skills to sustain themselves in small enterprises.

Khulile is a skilled communicator and social facilitator, and in this capacity supports a diversity of environmental and climate change projects by enabling meaningful stakeholder participation, awareness raising and capacitation.

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Myles Mander (B.SocSci Hons)linkedin icon

Environmental Resource Economist

Myles is an experienced international environmental and natural resource economics professional.

He has worked extensively in undertaking analytical research, supporting decision-making and strategic planning processes in Africa and other developing regions. His specialty is facilitating social learning and consensus building processes.

Having worked on every continent of the world, Myles is accomplished in operating within diverse cultural contexts and in engaging indigenous communities. Some of his early work on the trade in African traditional medicines and indigenous fibres was seminal in raising awareness of the importance of these trade chains to health services delivery and local economies.

Myles has also worked with national governments on developing their national accounts for natural resources, and at regional scales on transboundary water management.

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